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Suffering a sudden, unexpected injury can affect every aspect of your life. Not only are you forced to experience the initial pain, trauma, and fear that comes with an accident, but you have to deal with the aftermath; for many people, that part can be even worse. Hospital bills can add up to a mountain of debt while your injury might not even allow you to return to work while your recovery, severely decreasing or even eliminating your income. Some injuries require undesirable lifestyle changes and can even prevent you from continuing in your line of work or enjoying your favorite hobbies. On top of all of these problems, many people have to deal with acute physical pain and emotional suffering.

Since injuries can be so devastating, state and federal laws require us to take reasonable, preventative safety precautions when we work, drive, and interact with others. Responsible behavior can drastically cut down on injury-causing accidents, and it’s our solemn duty to consider the well-being of other people. Unfortunately, many people every year suffer because of preventable accidents. Tired truck drivers cause massive highway crashes. Negligent pet owners allow their dogs to become aggressive. Careless property managers allow dangerous conditions to develop on the premises.

Anyone injured in an accident directly or indirectly caused by negligent, reckless, or irresponsible behavior can seek financial recourse through the law. The dedicated Louisville personal injury lawyers at Sampson Law Firm can help you fight for the monetary compensation you deserve from the party or parties responsible for hurting you. Call us at (502) 584-5050 to set up a free consultation.


Jeff is simply the best. After the amazing work he did on my case, we still remain close friends today. I often stop by his office just to talk to my friend.

- C.R.

I was in a dark place with nowhere to turn. I was completely on my own. I couldn’t work, my bills kept piling up and I had kids to feed. Then I hired Jeff. I don’t know what I would have done without Jeff. It just seemed that he was able to answer any question or situation that came up and was able to right the wrong that was done to me. I would whole heartedly recommend Jeff to any family or friend in that situation.

- M.T.

Nobody seemed to want to take on my insurance company. I finally found Jeff and he not only took on my insurance company, but beat them at trial. He’s the man.

- R.W.

I consider Jeff one of the five percenters. He is in the top 5% of his field in my opinion. He always called me back and kept me advised about my case even when I was nervous. Not only that, he got to know me personally. He knew about who I was, what I did and even talked to me about my hobbies.

- N.G.

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Practice Areas

People can be badly hurt in a wide variety of ways. We confront immense risks every time we drive a car, get surgery, or even purchase a major appliance. One sharp edge on a child’s toy or one moment of distracted driving can change someone’s life for the worse forever. At Sampson Law Firm, we have the knowledge and experience to handle a vast range of personal injury cases. Some of our practice areas include:

Whatever your medical condition and however you were hurt, our skilled attorneys are ready to help you secure the financial compensation you deserve from the party responsible for your injury.

“Louisville has always been our home - we live here, work here, and are committed to the community.”

- Jeff Sampson

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Common Kentucky Injuries

Every year, injuries affect tens of thousands of individuals and families all across America. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) inform us that, in 2014, there were:

  • 135,928 unintentional injury deaths
  • 31,959 unintentional fall deaths
  • 33,736 motor vehicle traffic deaths

The huge number of motor vehicle traffic deaths testifies to the fact that many injuries occur auto crashes. In 2015, in Kentucky alone, there were:

  • 694 fatal traffic collisions on public roads
  • 23,803 nonfatal traffic collisions on public roads
  • 136,338 total reported crashes on public roads

These shocking numbers can feel even more tragic when we consider how many deaths and injuries could have been prevented. Drunk drivers, reckless car manufacturers, and individuals who don’t pay attention to traffic regulations claim lives each day. When someone’s irresponsible actions cause a motor vehicle accident, they may be compelled to make financial restitution to anyone injured in the crash.

The Basics of Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law differs from criminal law in several key ways. For one, criminal charges are brought against the defendant by a government entity while personal injury cases occur when a private citizen or group accuses another party of wrongdoing. Criminal law and personal injury law also have radically different purposes. Criminal law attempts to punish the accused for breaking the law, and a criminal case may result in jail time or punitive fines. Personal injury law exists so that victims do not have to bear the financial burdens of an injury caused by another party. In a successful case, the responsible party pays the victim damages to cover the costs of the injury.

It’s important to remember that the responsible party does not have to actively attempt to cause you harm to be held legally liable, or accountable, for your injury. While you can certainly seek damages for a malicious physical attack, you can also get financial compensation for an injury caused by negligence. Imagine a distracted driver swerves into oncoming traffic. The resulting crash leaves you with a broken arm, hefty hospital bills, a totaled car, and several months of painful recovery. Even though the driver did not specifically intend to hurt you, they neglected safety concerns when they did not focus on the road. We expect drivers to carefully attend to traffic regulations and to not put others around them at risk. In this case, you would probably be due damages from the distracted driver. If you have been hurt by someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. Contact a Louisville personal injury attorney today to speak about your case.

Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Injury Law

Suffering from an unexpected injury can leave you with a lot of questions about your future, your finances, and your rights. We have compiled a short list of some common questions for your general reference. If you have more specific concerns relating to your situation, feel free to call us at (502) 584-5050 to speak with a knowledgeable Louisville persoanl injury lawyer.

How much is my case worth?

The amount of damages you will be able to recover for any given case depends on several factors including the severity of your injury, the extent to which any liable party can be considered at fault for your injury, and the costs of your injury, from both now and in the future. You can seek financial compensation from the responsible party for a number of injury-related costs such as:

  • Physical therapy
  • Past and future medical bills
  • Lost income or work wages
  • Medication
  • Counseling
  • Lost earning potential
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lifestyle changes

State and federal laws specify that you should not have to be financially burdened by the expenses of an injury partially or entirely caused by someone else’s negligence.

Why should I seek compensation?

A successful case can leave you with the money you need to cover some or all of the costs of your injury. Many people avoid even speaking with an attorney because they think that pursuing a personal injury suit would ultimately cost them too much time, money, and effort. This general assumption means that a lot of individuals miss out on substantial financial compensation for their injuries.

Even if you are not sure whether or not you will carry through with your case, you should still consult with an Louisville personal injury attorney if you have been injured by someone else’s negligence. Typically, you only have one year after you were injured to officially file, and that means you need to speak with a legal professional as soon as possible. An experienced personal injury attorney can discuss specifics with you and walk you through what to expect if you choose to pursue your case.

Why should I choose Sampson Law Firm?

For two decades, our Louisville personal injury law firm has represented injured victims of carelessness, recklessness, and negligence in the Louisville area. With so much experience in the field of personal injury law, we are able to handle even the most complicated, nuanced cases. We are also ready and willing to take large insurance companies to trial to secure the financial compensation our clients deserve. Many of the people we represent walk away from their personal injury cases with substantial monetary recompense. For example, we won $6,192,378.40 for an individual assaulted in a nightclub. The business was held accountable for not having adequate security. We also obtained $206,641.00 for the victim of a motor vehicle accident caused by a negligent driver. Our satisfied clients can attest that we treat injury victims with compassion even as we fight tooth-and-nail for their rights, their financial security, and their future.

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An unexpected injury can seriously affect your life. You might be facing significant medical bills, physical pain, anxiety, and undesirable lifestyle changes. It may be even more difficult to handle these issues because your injury currently prevents you from working and collecting a regular income. Tragically, many people are forced to confront these problems because of an injury caused by someone else’s reckless behavior, carelessness, or irresponsible actions.

If you or someone close to you has been injured by another party’s negligence, you may be entitled to financial compensation. At Sampson Law Firm, our experienced Louisville personal injury attorneys believe that you should not have to suffer because of someone else’s mistake. Even though nothing can truly make up for the trauma of your injury, you still deserve monetary return from any responsible parties. Call us today at (502) 584-5050to speak with a knowledgeable legal professional about how we can help you secure the financial compensation you need to handle the costs of your injury.