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Louisville Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer

Insurance companies provide a valuable service to their customers, helping to cushion the financial blow an accident, disaster, or other emergency can have. Unfortunately, there are many insurance companies that treat their policyholders like nothing more than figures on a balance sheet, doing whatever they can to limit the amount of compensation they must pay to individuals struggling to recover from a catastrophic situation.

Under U.S. law, insurance companies have a responsibility to act in good faith towards their clients, and when this responsibility is ignored, they may be held accountable not only for a policyholder’s losses, but also for their own reprehensible conduct. If you have been victim of insurance bad faith in Louisville, the lawyers from the Sampson Law Firm know how frustrating this can be. Fortunately, with the help of a skilled lawyer, victims of insurance bad faith are often able to get the monetary support they need.

Examples of Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance bad faith can take a number of different forms and at various stages of an insurance claim. Some of the most common types of insurance bad faith include:

  • Delayed Claims
  • Denied Claims
  • Reduce Claims
  • Insurance Fraud

These and other instances of insurance bad faith should not be acceptable. When people are mistreated in these and other ways by insurance companies, they should explore their legal options for holding these companies accountable.

Talk to an Insurance Bad Faith Attorney in Louisville

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