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Settlements and Verdicts

Confidential Settlement of a Minor After being Catastrophically Injured in Semi-tractor Trailer Collision. The Sampson Law Firm represented a 6-year old girl after being catastrophically injured as a result of the negligence of a semi-tractor trailer that impacted the vehicle in which she was a passenger. The minor child sustained severe and permanent brain damage as well as multiple other life threatening injuries. Her medical expense for the care she received amounted to $987,804.31. A life care plan put her estimated future medical needs from 2.6 to 7.6 million dollars as a result of her injuries. As a result of The Sampson Law Firm’s proactive efforts at preserving all of the evidence at the scene and in the semi-tractor trailer, as well as intimate knowledge with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations governing the duties of semi-tractor trailer drivers and their employers, a confidential settlement was achieved and a trust created so that the minor child and her mother would be adequately cared for, for the remainder of her life.

Confidential Settlement in Semi-Tractor Trailer Collision. The Sampson Law Firm represented an elderly gentleman who was severely injured as a result of the negligence of a semi-tractor trailer company. The gentleman had significant injuries that included hip surgery. The cost of his medical care was in excess of $140,000 and as a result, he permanently walks with a cane. Utilizing the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, The Sampson Law Firm was able to establish multiple violations of that Act by the driver of the semi-tractor trailer and his employer which resulted in a significant resolution at mediation. The settlement sum was confidential in nature.

$875,000.00 for estate of elderly motorcyclist killed in collision. Seventy year-old client was a semi-retired businessman who enjoyed traveling the country on his Harley Davidson. He was killed instantaneously when a young woman crossed the center line in her automobile and stuck him head-on. The settlement far exceeded the value of the client’s projected future earnings.

$6,192,378.40  for Assault/Inadequate Security claim on the night of the Kentucky Derby. A man was assaulted in a local nightclub by an angry patron. He was seriously injured and not expected to live following the assault. He survived, but sustained serious, debilitating and life-altering injuries including brain damage. He incurred medical expenses in the amount of $270,664.45 and had a documented lost wage and impairment of earning capacity claim of over 1.5 million dollars. The Sampson Law Firm tracked down critical fact witnesses and deposed them and others including expert witnesses over eight states in the Continental United States. After conducting more than forty depositions, a Judgment was entered in the amount of $6,192,378.40.

Confidential mediated settlement for overdose of prescription medication. A man was treated by his primary care physician for chronic back pain. The primary care physician prescribed over 3,800 hydracodone tablets to the man over the span of a little more than one year. Expert witnesses identified the forty-one year old man’s future earning capacity as $2,048,077.00. The Sampson Law Firm retained multiple expert witnesses and deposed numerous defense experts. The case went to mediation where the Sampson Law Firm demonstrated effectively to defense counsel what the appearance of over 3,800 tablets looked like by filling a clear container with over 3,800 Vitamin Tablets. The case settled at mediation for a confidential amount.

$463,570.60 for Wrongful Death Case. Recently, a case co-counseled by Jeffrey Sampson of the Sampson Law Firm resulted in an award of more than $463,000 for the widow of a man whose wrongful death was caused by negligent care at the facility in which he was being treated. James White was being treated at Kindred Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, on April 4th, 2011, when an aide employed by the hospital attempted to transfer Mr. White from a bedside commode to his bed on her own. In so doing, she dropped him onto the bed, dislodging a breathing apparatus and placing Mr. White’s life in danger. Fifteen minutes later, the pulse oximeter to which Mr. White was attached sounded an alarm, and ten minutes afterwards, a CODE BLUE was called. By the time a physician was able to reach him, Mr. White had already passed away. The arbitrator adjudicating this suit found that Kindred Hospital-Louisville, as well as its parent and subsidiary companies, had acted negligently by allowing a single aide to assist Mr. White in being moved to his bed, and that this negligence was the direct cause of his untimely death. Therefore, Mr. White’s surviving widow and executrix of his will, Carol White, was awarded compensatory and punitive damages in the amount of $463,570.60.

Confidential settlement for nursing home abuse and neglect. An elderly Alzheimer’s patient suffered abuse and neglect at the hands of the nursing home staff while a resident in his final days. He developed gaping wounds as a result of the staff’s failure to turn and reposition him and became dehydrated and malnourished that resulted in his death. The Sampson Law Firm conducted exhaustive discovery and depositions learning that the corporate policy of those who ran the facility placed profits ahead of the safety and well being of their patients. As a result, the Estate settled the matter with the facility on a confidential basis.

Confidential Settlement for Nursing Home Medication Error. An elderly female patient at a nursing home received an injection of insulin she was not prescribed to take. The patient was not a diabetic and the dosage of insulin resulted in metabolic encephalopathy that ultimately caused her death some nineteen days later. The Sampson Law Firm hired expert witnesses and conducted discovery of the staff and administration. The case settled for a confidential sum.

 $206,641.00 for Automobile Accident. A man was injured in an automobile wreck as the result of the negligence of another driver. He sustained neck and back injuries and was treated with pain management for a period of several years. He incurred $13,229.20 and lost significant income as a result of his inability to perform his job duties following the injuries he sustained. The last offer of settlement was $40,000. At trial, the Sampson Law Firm convinced a Jefferson County Circuit Court jury to award the man damages in the amount of $206,641.00.

More than $215,000 for Automobile Negligence. A man was struck by a local taxi cab and suffered injuries to his shoulders. He later underwent surgery to correct his shoulder condition and incurred $20,000 in medical expenses. He lost some work and had some continuing complaints, but overall, a good surgical result. He was offered $25,000 to settle his case which he rejected. The Sampson Law Firm convinced a Jefferson County Circuit Court jury to award him damages in excess of $215,000.

$290,000 Settlement for Automobile Collision. A woman was a passenger of a motor vehicle involved in a collision resulting in the deployment of her air bag. She sustained fractured ribs as a result but later developed significant pulmonary issues requiring a lengthy hospital stay. The Sampson Law Firm determined that the pulmonary issues were a result of the airbag dust that had deployed during the collision and hired and expert pulmonologist to provide his opinion that the pulmonary issues were a direct result of the automobile collision. The case settled for $290,000.

 $50,000 for Automobile Collision with Uninsured Driver. A woman was involved in a motor vehicle collision with an uninsured driver. She had purchased insurance coverage with her insurance carrier, Allstate to provide uninsured benefits if she sustained an injury because of the fault of an uninsured driver. She had neck and back injuries and medical care in the amount of $9,000. Allstate offered $5,000 to settle the case. Sampson Law Firm took the case to trial and convinced the jury to require Allstate to pay the woman $50,000 for her injuries.

 $52,540.65  for Food Poisoning case. A woman ate a roast beef sandwich from a local fast food chain and later became violently ill. She required a hospital stay and incurred $14,603.50 for medical care and lost $1,211.95 of income. A second and unrelated man ate a roast beef sandwich from the same facility on the same day and also became ill. His illness was not as significant and he incurred $1,306.75 for reasonable and necessary medical expenses. The defense attorney offered $7,500 to settle both claims. The Sampson Law Firm convinced a Pulaski County jury that the fast food chain was at fault for serving tainted meat. The jury awarded $41,233.90 to the first victim and $11,306.75 to the second for a total jury verdict of $52,540.65.

$50,000.00 Settlement for Trip and Fall. A man was coming down the steps of a local establishment when he tripped and fell off the steps. The stairs had not been equipped with a handrail. The man broke his ankle. Sampson Law Firm proved through their research and knowledge of statutes, regulations and ordinances that the stairs were required to be equipped with a handrail and secured settlement on behalf of the gentleman in the amount of $50,000.

$133,071.81 for Automobile Collision. A man was a passenger in a vehicle being operated by his daughter. His daughter lost control after hitting a patch of ice, but regained control shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, an oncoming vehicle swerved into that same lane of travel forcing the vehicle off the road. The man was injured and required neck surgery. He incurred medical expenses in the amount of $38,191.21 and lost wages of $25,811.76. The Sampson Law Firm brought a claim against the driver who had come into the lane of travel. The defense was that the daughter had caused the wreck by losing control on the ice. The last offer of settlement was $7,500. The Sampson Law Firm convinced a Henry County jury to award damages on behalf of the injured man in the amount of $133,071.81.