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Louisville Premises Liability Lawyer

Property owners in the United States are responsible for the upkeep of their property, particularly when it comes to ensuring that conditions on their premises do not pose a threat to the safety or well-being of others. When property owners fail to treat this responsibility with the seriousness it deserves, they run the risk of placing others in danger of suffering serious injuries, such as spinal cord or brain damage.

Premises liability laws are in place to ensure that when someone suffers a serious injury as a result of a property owner’s recklessness or negligence, they don’t have to pay for the consequences on their own. At the Sampson Law Firm, we know how much of a struggle it can be for people in Louisville to recover from such an injury. However, by filing a premises liability claim, many victims of such accidents are able to obtain the compensation they need to cover their treatment expenses and other losses.

Common Types of Premises Liability Cases

Unfortunately, there are many ways in which a property owner or manager can expose visitors and tenants to serious harm, resulting in the following accidents and injuries:

When a person suffers harm or develops an illness in these and other circumstances, it is often considered to be the property owner’s fault, making them responsible for the repercussions a victim must endure.

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If you have been injured because of dangerous property conditions, you may be entitled to pursue compensation for the pain and suffering you’ve been through. Our legal team at the Sampson Law Firm understands how difficult handling such a situation can be and, as such, do our utmost to help victims fight for the justice and compensation they need. Call us today at (502) 584-5050 to discuss your case and possible legal options with a compassionate attorney.