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Fire Liability

Though it should really go without saying, property owners are responsible for taking reasonable measures to prevent fires from breaking out on their premises. In practical terms, that means that property owners need to make sure that the wiring on their property is up to code, that any dead organic material is cleared away, and that appliances maintained and used properly, to name just a few of their more basic responsibilities.

When is a property owner liable for a fire?

Property owners can be held liable for fires when they start as the result of their own negligence. So, for instance, if an electrical fire started because of the owner’s failure to fix a problem they should have been aware of, there is a very good chance that property owner would be liable for the fire and any injuries that were the result of the fire. When it comes to proving negligence in cases like these – which will be the charge unless the owner intentionally started the fire – it is necessary to prove that the owner did not take reasonable steps to prevent the cause of the fire.

Pursuing the Compensation that You Need to Recover

Once it can be proven that the property owner is responsible for the fire, it will then be necessary to turn our attention toward pursuing the compensation that can offset the costs of your recovery. Since the kinds of injuries victims sustain in fires are likely to be devastatingly severe, if not life-threatening, the compensation we will want to pursue should be commensurate with the following:

  • The long-term costs of burn rehabilitation treatments
  • The costs of any pharmaceutical treatments you need to manage your pain
  • The amount of income you will ultimately lose because of your injury
  • The pain and suffering you experience during and after the accident

In the event that a fire actually claimed the life of your loved one, our legal team can help you do what is necessary to pursue an aggressive wrongful death claim against the responsible party. As difficult as it may be to consider at a time like this, it will be in your best interests to file your claim as soon after the incident as you are able.

Consult with a Fires Attorney in Louisville

If you or someone you love was hurt in a fire that could have been prevented with more adequate premises maintenance, you should reach out to a lawyer who can help you determine whether the property owner may be held liable for the fire. With nearly 20 years of experience to draw from, our legal team has the experience and the resources to take on any property owner, whether it is residential or commercial. To speak with one of the Louisville fire attorneys from Sampson Law Firm about the particulars of your case, please call our offices at (502) 584-5050 today.