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Louisville Nursing Home Malpractice Attorneys

When you find out that your loved one is facing abuse at the hands of people you hired specifically to take care of them, your response must be swift. Turn to the Louisville injury attorneys at the Sampson Law Firm for justice.

The Sampson Law Firm understands how infuriating it can be when nursing home physicians or staff fail to take the steps necessary to prevent their patient from facing additional injury or perpetrate abuse themselves. Residents of nursing homes and their families expect to receive the highest level of care in a nursing home. When this is not the case, it is best to seek legal counsel. Our Louisville nursing home abuse lawyers believe that patients who receive care from negligent nursing home physicians or staff deserve better treatment, as the resident could face other medical complications due to the negligence of others. Complete our online form, chat live, or contact our office today at (502) 584-5050 to learn more about how our skilled and knowledgeable legal team can assist you in obtaining the justice and closure that you seek.

Why Do I Need a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney?

After hearing about detrimental or neglectful care at the nursing home of your loved one, you need answers to your many questions. Any nursing home resident deserves respect and proper care. If they don’t receive this level of care, the nursing home must be held accountable for their mistakes or neglect so that your loved one that is residing in the nursing home doesn’t suffer further harm, injury, or complications at the hands of the nursing home staff. Families should not have to worry about the safety and care of their loved ones in a nursing home.

Nursing home abuse claims can be complicated and intense, so obtaining justice or compensation for your loved one can be much more difficult than it should be. Obtaining the services of a skilled attorney can help you safeguard your loved one’s rights. Please allow the Sampson Law Firm to handle your concerns regarding your loved one’s residency at their nursing home. We have a compassionate and competent team that is ready to listen to your concerns, and take the necessary action to make sure that the nursing home is held accountable. Your loved one deserves respect and the best of care. Our team has handled many similar cases, and we are empathetic and understanding toward all our clients as we deal with such delicate and confidential matters. Your family deserves to reside where they can get the best care possible.

Why Choose Our Louisville Nursing Home Abuse Attorney?

If you need a nursing home abuse attorney in the Louisville or surrounding area, you have many firms to choose from who can handle your case. However, how do you know if the attorney that you select will be personally committed to fighting for justice in your case? The answer is that it is difficult to know for sure. You need an understanding and law firm that knows the Louisville area well and one that has previously handled many of these types of nursing home abuse cases. Choosing the right attorney can determine the outcome of your case.

Since 1997, the Sampson Law Firm has been diligently serving the people of Louisville and representing plaintiffs in personal injury cases. Over the past decade, Jeffrey T. Sampson was repeatedly listed among its ‘Most Prolific Trial Attorneys in Kentucky’, according to the Kentucky Trial Court Review. Mr. Sampson and his team have recovered millions of dollars for clients, and we can help you resolve your concerns for your loved one. The Sampson Law Firm has built a reputation in the legal community of aggressively litigating cases and taking them to trial whenever necessary. We do not back down when faced with complications regarding nursing home abuse cases. We fight for you, and we get results!

Our professional legal team believes that personal injury victims’ families do not need to bear struggles alone. Nor do they have to accept any abuse or neglect of their loved ones at the hands of nursing home care. The Sampson Law Firm is qualified to take aggressive measures and hold the individuals and/or the nursing home accountable for their reprehensible actions against your loved ones. Do not hesitate to fill out our online form, chat live, or contact a compassionate team member as soon as possible at (502) 584-5050 to arrange a consultation at no charge to you. We truly want to assist families that have been wronged in obtaining the justice and closure that they deserve.

Nursing Home Abuse Cases That We Handle

Kentucky is a mandatory reporting state for elder abuse or neglect. If you suspect elder abuse, you are legally required to report it. At the Sampson Law Firm, our Louisville nursing home abuse lawyers are prepared to handle a wide range of injury cases, but most cases can be categorized as the following:

  • Nursing Home Abuse: In many states, elder abuse at nursing homes is occurring and must not be ignored. It is a crime that knows no boundaries. It affects all socio-economic groups, races, religions, ethnicities, and cultures. The definition of nursing home abuse and mandatory reporting laws both vary from state to state. According to the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, there is no uniform reporting system for abuse in the state. Therefore, many cases of neglect, abuse, and exploitation often go undetected each year.
  • Nursing Home Negligence: Also common in nursing homes, negligence be described as happening when a physician, caregiver, or staff member did something that they should not have done, or they didn’t do something that they should have done. This is measured against the reasonable treatment that needed to have been done in the same circumstances. That is, the caregiver’s conduct is negligence when it falls below the standard of care to which a patient is entitled. Medical doctors need to be accountable for negligence, and nursing homes are no different. Unfortunately, when negligence happens, the negative consequences are placed on the nursing home elderly resident.

According to a National Center on Elder Abuse 2004 survey with the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services, national data shows that caregiver neglect was the second most common type of abuse at 23.7%, behind self-neglect which is 26.7%. The survey also shows that the increase in age also increases the likelihood of abuse, neglect, and exploitation. See below, as taken from the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services website:

  • 20.8 percent of victims were between the ages of 60-69
  • 36.5 percent of victims were between the ages of 70-79
  • 42.8 percent of victims were over the age of 80

These percentages include elders who live alone or with relatives, as well as those within long-term care facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your loved one has been hurt due to nursing home abuse or neglect, you may be seeking answers as to why such abuse could happen to your loved one. Our legal team is here to address your concerns, as well as fully investigate any potential nursing home abuse. Listed here are some questions that have often been asked, and we hope that they are helpful in assisting families who have been hurt due to abusive and inappropriate actions from nursing homes. Feel free to call our legal team at (502) 584-5050 if you have additional concerns regarding your next steps in pursuing justice. We are here to help you and your family overcome the struggles that you are facing regarding your loved one’s nursing home inappropriate care.

How long will my case take to conclude?

It is difficult to give an end date for processing cases, as each one is unique. It could take several weeks, months, or even sometimes it can take years for the court system to complete an individual case. It takes strong legal representation to overcome the obstacles when obtaining important evidence, keeping up with deadlines, and advocating on your family’s behalf. The best legal defense team is one that takes enough time to examine and investigate all the facts completely. By seeking legal representation, you are giving your case the best possible chance of a positive result and recovery.

When should I see a lawyer?

Seeking legal representation from a qualified attorney as soon as it is feasible after a nursing home injury or accident is highly recommended. In numerous cases, there can be time sensitive legal filing deadlines that must be addressed right away. So that you and your family’s rights can be protected, don’t hesitate to contact an attorney when complications arise regarding your loved one’s nursing home care.

Statistical Data on Abuse in Nursing Homes and other Long-Term Care Facilities

According to the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA), research and knowledge regarding levels and rates of elder abuse are about 20 years behind, compared to other types of domestic abuse like child or spousal abuse. Elder abuse tends to occur in more places than most other forms of domestic abuse. There were 1.4 million residents in nursing homes in 2014, and there were 835,200 residents in other types of care communities. Below, we’ve taken the research from the NCEA website for your convenience:

  • “According to the National Ombudsman Reporting System (NORS) data, within the year 2014, 14,258 (7.6%) of approximately 188,599 complaints reported to Ombudsman programs involved abuse, gross neglect, or exploitation.”
  • “A May 2008 study conducted by the U.S. General Accountability Office revealed that state surveys understate problems in licensed facilities: 70% of state surveys miss at least one deficiency and 15% of surveys miss actual harm and immediate jeopardy of a nursing home resident.”
  • “Abuse of older residents by other residents in long-term care facilities is now recognized as a problem that is more common than physical abuse by staff. However, more research is still needed.”

Contact our Louisville Team Today

After learning that your loved one has been victimized by abuse or neglect at the hands of a nursing home can be unsettling, since you put your trust in the nursing home. The attorneys at the Sampson Law Firm recognize that you trusted the nursing home with your loved one’s care, and we will do our utmost to help you obtain the justice and closure that you need. Complete our online form or contact us at (502) 584-5050, and we will discuss the complexities of your case. At the Sampson Law Firm, we have a positive track record of assisting nursing home abuse victims for years, and we can help your family too.

It takes strong and capable leaders that have an exceptional legal background to assist you when you or your family has been wronged. Everything may seem overwhelming right now, but with legal representation, you are never alone. Our legal team will be your best advocate, as the well-being of your loved ones is our top priority.


Jeff is simply the best. After the amazing work he did on my case, we still remain close friends today. I often stop by his office just to talk to my friend.

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- N.G.

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