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Three-car accident injures three

A three-vehicle car crash in the northbound lanes of Interstate 71 at the two-mile marker near Zorn Avenue in Louisville, Kentucky on Thursday, April 24 at around 9:30 p.m. caused a teenager and two adults to incur minor injuries.

According to preliminary investigations, one vehicle was having engine troubles and was parked off the road when it has hit by another car, after which that car was rear-ended by yet another vehicle.

A teenager standing by the side of the road when the three-way pileup occurred was hit during the collision and sustained minor wounds, while two drivers also incurred non-life-threatening injuries.

Police officers made open to public the highway a little while after the accident. They are investigating whether anyone involved in the crash had been driving drunk at the time of the incident.

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Louisville Metro Police arrest driver who left the scene of an accident

Police officers from the Louisville Metro Police in Kentucky took Eric Bratcher into custody on April 21, claiming he hit a car on South 6th Street and then fled the scene of the accident.

The arrest warrant showed that Bratcher collided with the car’s right side and broke the car’s mirror on that side. According to police investigators, a witness was able to observe the event and took note of Bratcher’s plate number and provide this information to authorities.

Bratcher admitted his guilt and confessed to leaving the accident scene after he struck another vehicle, saying that he was drunk at the time of the incident.

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Comedian George Wallace awarded $1.3M in Vegas hotel lawsuit

Sixty-one-year-old comedian-actor George Wallace was awarded around $1.3 million in a civil negligence and personal injury lawsuit he filed against the Bellagio Las Vegas Hotel Casino by an Nevada jury’s six-two vote on Tuesday, April 8 after two weeks of testimonies and around 12 hours of jury deliberation.

The jury ruled that Bellagio should pay Wallace $1.2 million for lost income, $100,000 for pain and suffering, and $8,500 for medical bills due to the large injuries he sustained when he tangled his leg in wires onstage at the resort in 2007 for a private event for HSBC Card Services, Inc.. Wallace’s medical expenses, based on calculations from both the defense and the prosecution, amount to $9,525.

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Greenup County head-on collision kills three people

Three people suffered from fatal injuries in Greenup County on Sunday, March 16 after a head-on collision.

The accident occurred around 4 p.m. along the 2000 block of U.S. Route 23 and claimed the lives of Tracie Howard, 43,  Ruby Brown, 22, and Jamond Buford, 30.

Joshua Bowling, 33, survived the accident and was transported to the King’s Daughters Medical Center in critical condition.

Brown and Bowling were the ones operating the respective vehicles.

Investigators have yet to determine which car crossed the center line, causing the accident.


Goshen man arrested for Carroll County car accident that injured three

Police authorities took 50-year-old Goshen, Kentucky resident Donald Jefferies into custody on Thursday, March 6 for charges of driving under the influence of prescription medication, driving while intoxicated, and three counts of assault in the first degree in relation to a Carroll County, Carrollton car accident that injured three people.

Kentucky State Police Dave Roberts was the one who served Jefferies the warrant a week after the accident, which occurred on February 26 near the KY 36 Bridge and Notch Lick Road.

The police investigation showed that Jefferies was headed east on KY 36 when his vehicle traversed the center line and hit the car in which Carrollton residents Stephen and Nicole Wise, 37 and 34, respectively, were riding. Both were injured, in addition to a passenger who is a minor. All were taken to Louisville area hospitals for treatment of their injuries.

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Lawsuits against Whirlpool Corp. approved to proceed to trial

On Monday, February 10 U.S. District Judge James Carr ruled that personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits filed against Whirlpool Corp. may proceed in federal court.

Families from Clyde, Ohio have sued the company after nearly 40 children were diagnosed with cancer. Investigators believe that chemicals released from the washing machine plant are causing cancer throughout the town. Judge Carr, however, dismissed claims against Whirlpool of reckless conduct and fraud.

The diagnoses began in the mid-1990’s and peaked in 2006. Nine children in Clyde were diagnosed with cancer in 2006.

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Are distracted driving accidents involving policemen in Kentucky a problem?

Kentucky State Police statistics show that out of the 7,164 vehicular collisions involving distracted driving in the state in 2013, 256 of those involved Louisville Metro Police Department officers. Additionally, 34% of those occurred due to the negligence of the police officer that figured in the accident.

According to Lieutenant Michael O’Neill, training commander for the LMPD, police sometimes have no choice but to drive at high speeds while using the computer in their vehicle, otherwise known as the mobile data terminal. Some examples he provided included needing  to check the registration of license plates of suspected stolen vehicles they see on roads. However, he did add that it’s not ideal to use the MDT “if you’re going 75 miles an hour down the expressway.”

Louisville Police Chief Steve Conrad punished the police officers involved in distracted driving last year, with 64 given reprimands and orders to undergo additional drivers’ training and one officer suspended for his traffic violation.

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Driver arrested after two-vehicle accident in Kentucky

Law enforcement agents in Shively, Kentucky found two cars at the scene of an auto accident at Dixie Highway and Klages Avenue at around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday, January 19; one was tipped over to the side and smashed into a broken utility pole and the other was crashed inside a Clarke Motel room located at 4700 Dixie Highway.

The people in the car that had struck the utility pole were brought to University Hospital for treatment of their unspecified injury conditions. The car that crashed into the Clarke Motel room, on the other hand, was found to be driven by 30-year-old Theodore Robinson, who according to witness accounts, had nearly missed hitting three other people before he smashed into the room.

Robinson was arrested as a result of the accident and under suspicion for driving drunk.

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Two-vehicle collision in Louisville hospitalizes two people

A car accident that involved a member of the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department and a civilian citizen caused two people to be sent to a medical facility. The two-vehicle collision happened at 34th Street and Greenwood Avenue shortly after 5 p.m. on Wednesday, January 8.

According to an LMPD spokeswoman, the police officer was chasing robbery suspects driving a stolen vehicle when he got into an accident with the blue Jeep.

A witness to the whole incident, identified as Zorina Wallace, said the police cruiser had its lights and sirens on but that the Jeep had the green light.

The driver of the Jeep, an unidentified man, and his female passenger, were both transported to the University Hospital to seek treatment for their non-life-threatening wounds. Airbags deployed in both vehicles.

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Knox County woman dies in weather-related car accident

Ruby Miles, 62, of Knox County was involved in a five-car accident on Thursday, January 2. She passed away Thursday morning as a result of her injuries.

On Thursday morning, Miles was driving in the northbound land of South KY 11 when her vehicle slid into the guardrail after hitting a patch of black ice. Snowstorms and freezing rain across Kentucky have enabled dangerous amounts of ice to form on the roads.

Miles was not injured from the initial crash. As she exited her car and walked to safety, another car lost control and struck her. Numerous other cars hit the same patch of ice and collided. Three other people sustained injuries and were transported to a local healthcare facility.

The attorneys of the Sampson Law Firm extend our condolences to those who are affected by this unfortunate accident.