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Porsche responds to wrongful death lawsuit after actor’s death

According to court documents filed in November by German automobile manufacturer Porsche AG, the death of 40-year-old American actor Paul Walker during a collision involving a Porsche Carrera GT was caused by the driver’s excessive rate of speed and nothing else. This statement comes in response to a wrongful death lawsuit filed on behalf of Walker’s 16-year-old daughter in September in which the plaintiff alleges that the sports car in which Walker was riding at the time of the accident had multiple design flaws which contributed to the accident and the actor’s subsequent death.

Porsche stated that the vehicle in question had been “abused and altered” before the crash occurred, and, therefore, the condition of the vehicle was not their fault.

Walker and the man behind the wheel of the vehicle died in November 2013 after crashing in southern California. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office investigators concluded that the crash was caused by the high speed.

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