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Filing Insurance Claims After a Car Accident

The physical and emotional toll of a car accident can be difficult enough to cope with, so when insurance companies fail to provide adequate financial relief following an accident individuals may be thrust into more desperate circumstances.

The financial impact of a serious car accident can be far-reaching as the costs of any medical care and rehabilitation often accumulate quickly. Many individuals who have been involved in car accidents, then, depend upon insurance companies to provide critical financial relief. While most qualifying claims will be honored, insurance companies will sometimes not pay out claims in a timely manner or may attempt to deny claims altogether. When insurance companies attempt to engage in this type of behavior, an experienced attorney can be invaluable to seeing that qualifying claims are honored.

When an Attorney Can Help

When an insurance company engages in one or more of the following behaviors, it is advisable to seek the legal advice of and experienced lawyer:

  • When individuals are pressured to accept quick, but unfair, settlements;
  • When compensation for qualifying accident-related medical costs are not fully compensated for;
  • When an individual may soon be prevented from challenging a settlement claim by Kentucky’s statutes of limitations

When insurance claims are coercive and unfair in their practices, skilled legal advice can be critical to a favorable resolution in any insurance claims case.

Contact a Louisville Insurance Claims Attorney Today

At Sampson Law Firm, our Louisville-based legal team understands how frustrating it can be when insurance companies do not honor valid insurance claims. When necessary, Sampson Law Firm will pursue insurance companies in the civil court system to see that qualifying insurance claims are paid in a timely fashion. To speak with one of our lawyers about the particulars of your case today, please call (502) 584-5050.