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Dixie Highway road rage accident claims one life

Police authorities in Louisville, Kentucky believe that road rage played a part in the two-vehicle accident that claimed the life of 44-year-old Louisville local Joseph Harper on December 15, WLKY reported.

The accident happened at around 3:30 a.m. and caused the partial closure of Dixie Highway for four and a half hours. Witness accounts showed that the incident started at the nearby Taco Bell drive-thru in the 9000 block of Dixie Highway between Pages Lane and Stonestreet Road. Harper, who was operating a silver sport utility vehicle, bumped a white SUV in front of him. The SUV driver got out, and Vanessa McKinley, who was at the Spinelli’s Pizzeria next door, said she saw the two men fighting.

The SUV driver returned to his vehicle and left, but Harper pursued him, hopping a curb and hitting the other man’s vehicle purposefully on the road. The other man pulled into a parking lot to escape, and Harper slammed his car into reverse, hitting several objects and stopping upon impact with a light pole. Harper was pronounced dead.

Kentucky Kingdom defends against injury allegations

Management of Louisville-based amusement park Kentucky Kingdom recently contended that the two personal injury lawsuits filed separately by Felicia Evans and Brandon McLellan against the park were false and are simply an attempt to extort the company, The Courier-Journal reported on October 22.

Kentucky Kingdom’s chief investor Ed Hart made known to the public a signed affidavit from a friend of the plaintiff which claimed that Evans intended to purposefully get injured in order to receive money. In her lawsuit, Evans alleged that she struck her head on the park’s Voodoo Express water slide ride due to the ride’s lack of stability, and now she is experiencing seizures. Hart, however, claimed the two plaintiffs did not follow the park rules and went down the slide together without listening to the lifeguards present.

Evans’ legal counsel said since they filed the lawsuit, his legal office has gotten calls from at least five people who said they were also hurt while using the Kentucky Kingdom rides.

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Airbus to install detachable black boxes in planes

Airbus SAS chief product security officer Pascal Andrei told a forum of the National Transportation Safety Board on October 7 that the company is making arrangements and working with its suppliers to fill its airplanes with data and cockpit voice recorders that eject in the case of an accident, the Lexington Herald-Leader reported.

The ejected black boxes, which contain emergency locator transmitters, would float on the ocean’s surface, making them easier to find. These devices come in the wake of the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, which went missing in March.

Andrei said that the deployable recorders will be included in the company’s A350 and A380 airliners, which are made for long-haul flights across the ocean.

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Unsafe driving on 3rd Street Road

Police authorities have recently concluded that a recent car accident along 3rd Street Road in Louisville, Kentucky was not caused by speed; however, residents are anxious that the road is not safe for commuters or even pedestrians, WHSA11 reported on July 14.

The speed limit on 3rd Street is 35 miles per hour, but those who live on the street see cars zoom by at 50-60 miles per hour. The additional danger of curves and ditches contribute to the large number of accidents that happen there. One resident’s home is guarded by cement pillars because its previous tenant experienced a car crashing into the house.

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Zip line ride malfunctions in Lexington, injures little girl

An 11-year-old girl riding the zip line at the Red Mile Race Track during the crawfish festival in Lexington, Kentucky fell after the ride allegedly malfunctioned, WKYT reported on May 10.

The girl fell nearly 20 feet to the ground, landing on her back in a grassy area. Authorities later found that the carabiner clip connecting the harness to the line was broken. Police who responded to the accident told ABC 36 News that the little girl sustained critical yet non-life-threatening injuries.

The Lexington Police Department took the broken harness into custody and filed a personal injury report. The Department of Agriculture’s Division of Regulation and Inspection will determine whether the zip line’s manufacturers or the amusement center’s management can be held liable for the accident.

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Knox County woman dies in weather-related car accident

Ruby Miles, 62, of Knox County was involved in a five-car accident on Thursday, January 2. She passed away Thursday morning as a result of her injuries.

On Thursday morning, Miles was driving in the northbound land of South KY 11 when her vehicle slid into the guardrail after hitting a patch of black ice. Snowstorms and freezing rain across Kentucky have enabled dangerous amounts of ice to form on the roads.

Miles was not injured from the initial crash. As she exited her car and walked to safety, another car lost control and struck her. Numerous other cars hit the same patch of ice and collided. Three other people sustained injuries and were transported to a local healthcare facility.

The attorneys of the Sampson Law Firm extend our condolences to those who are affected by this unfortunate accident.