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Of the many types of accidents people can be involved in and the many different ways people can be injured, car accidents are by far one of the most prevalent and devastating. Being involved in a car accident can have serious consequences for both an individual and their family. The immediate effects of the accident, ranging from physical trauma to costly medical care, can be extremely difficult to handle. However, the long-term consequences, which may include a loss of income as a result of time spent away from work, emotional trauma, and even permanent disability, can also be extremely traumatic.

Car accident injuries can vary significantly in terms of severity, from minor cuts and bruises to traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord damage, but whenever someone else was at fault for the accident, whether due to their reckless driving, a car malfunction, or other causes, injury victims may be entitled to seek compensation. At the Sampson Law Firm, our attorneys in Louisville believe that people in this situation deserve justice for the undue harm they have suffered and compensation for the undue losses they have sustained.

Car Accidents and Related Issues

Not only can car accidents happen as a result of various causes, but they can also result in a number of different injuries and complications for those affected by the accident. Keeping that in mind, you should reach out to a lawyer if you or someone you love was injured in any accident that was caused by any of the following forms of negligence or recklessness.

Driver Error

If there is a single expectation that we should be able to have of other drivers, it should be that they will take every reasonable precaution to avoid causing an accident. Nonetheless, there are drivers out there who are so completely unaware of themselves and their surroundings that they end up causing serious accidents that should have been avoidable. That being said, drivers who do anything else to cause an otherwise preventable accident—like looking at their phone instead of the road—can usually be held financially liable for the accidents that they cause.

Reckless Driving

When drivers operate their vehicles so recklessly that they actually cause accidents, victims have every right to pursue compensation from the party that is responsible for their unnecessary pain and suffering. While it may not be universally true, reckless driving is often indicative of some other issue, like intoxication or fatigue. Whatever circumstances the responsible party may or may not have been dealing with at the time of the accident, we can evaluate your claim and collect any evidence that is available to help demonstrate that the driver was acting recklessly at the time of the accident.


The speed limits that have been set up around the city are intended to help mitigate the likelihood of certain accidents on the roadway. Aside from the fact that drivers who speed have less overall control of their vehicle, they also have more difficulty with suddenly slowing down. Obviously, these problems are only made worse when drivers speed through roadways that are as congested as any of the interstate corridors that run through downtown Louisville can be during peak traffic hours. In any event, we can use the police report, any eyewitness accounts of the accident, and any assessment made by your insurer to demonstrate that your accident was caused by a driver travelling at an excessive speed.

Drunk Driving Accidents

As much effort as the police department makes to pull drunk drivers off the road before they can cause an accident, the fact remains that drunk drivers continue to cause serious accidents with disturbing regularity in Louisville. Sadly, these accidents can be particularly dangerous because of the circumstances under which they occur—for instance, many accidents are caused in part by excessive speed, running stoplights and stop signs, and reckless behavior that can be difficult for victims to anticipate prior to the accident.

Hit & Run Accidents

When a driver attempts to flee the scene of an accident that he or she caused, and thereby escape responsibility for the accident as well, they usually can be held liable for their actions in both criminal and civil courts. Though the criminal case against the driver who hit you will be out of your hands, you will still have the opportunity to pursue financial compensation for the pain and suffering your have experienced as the result of the accident.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

Drivers who are so careless or reckless that they actually hit a cyclist or pedestrian can and should be held liable for their actions. As important as it will be for you to pursue compensation that will offset the costs of your recovery, your claim can also be used as a statement against the kind of poorly conceived ideas concerning the rights of cyclists and pedestrians that sometimes contribute to accidents like these.

Insurance Claims

The last thing that you need to be doing after an accident is haggling with an insurance company that is refusing to honor their obligation to compensate you for the accident. That being said, you should reach out to a lawyer if your insurer or the insurer of the party responsible for the accident has not been treating you fairly in your time of need. In particular, it will be important for you to have legal representation if an insurer is pressuring you to accept a quick, unfair settlement or if they are attempting to claim that you are not covered under the policy.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists

As stressful as the aftermath of an accident can be in its own right, the discovery that the driver who hit you is uninsured can be almost too much to bear. Though you may have an insurance policy that is specifically intended to cover you in situations like this, there is a good chance that even the compensation you recover from your own insurer may not be enough to cover all of the costs that will come to be associated with your accident. Bearing that in mind, it may be necessary for you to pursue additional compensation through a civil claim against the person who hit you.


Victims of rear-end collisions often sustain serious whiplash injuries that will necessitate long-term medical attention, even if the accident occurs at relatively low speeds. So, whether your accident was caused by someone who was tailgating you on I-65 or someone backed into you in your local grocery store’s parking lot, there is a good chance that you will be eligible to pursue financial compensation for the accident if you or someone you love sustained whiplash injuries.

Wrongful Death

Few things are as devastating as losing a loved one before his or her time. If your loved one was killed in a car accident that was caused by the negligence or recklessness of another person, you have every right to be angry and, more importantly, to hold that person accountable for your loss. Though we will pursue compensation for your tragic loss, these claims can also be used as a valuable way to bring attention to the issue that caused your loved one’s death and hopefully help prevent accidents like this in the future.

Car Defect/Malfunction

Though federal regulators have begun to take a more aggressive stance toward the companies that are responsible for car defects and malfunctions, the fact remains that serious manufacturing and design defects continue to cause serious harm to motorists in this country. Bearing that in mind, our firm has the experience and the resources that will be necessary to take on any company that is found to bear responsibility for the design or manufacturing defect that caused your injuries. If your accident was caused by a design defect, your claim may help bring a more widespread issue to light and, as a consequence, help to prevent future accidents and injuries.

Highway Defects

While every municipality in the greater Louisville area is generally responsible for the safety of the roadways that fall within their respective boundaries, interstates like I-64, I-65, I-71, and I-264 usually fall under the care of the state, unless their maintenance has been sub-contracted to another agency or group. For instance, construction companies are typically liable for the care of roadways that fall within their construction zones. In any event, our attorneys will be able to help you determine who may be held liable for your accident if it was caused by a highway defect.

No one should have to pay for the consequences of a car accident that they did nothing to cause. Fortunately, with the help of a compassionate and skilled attorney, many victims do not have to.

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