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Louisville Wrong or Delayed Treatment Attorneys

Getting the wrong treatment for an illness or injury can make your medical problems worse. If you receive the wrong treatment or if your treatment is delayed, you may suffer medical complications. However, you have legal rights. If you were injured or fell ill after receiving the wrong treatment or delayed treatment, you could be entitled to payment for your added medical bills, physical pain, emotional suffering, lost income, and more. An attorney for wrongful treatment or delayed treatment can review your claim and help protect your rights in the legal system.

The Louisville wrong or delayed treatment attorneys from Sampson Law Firm have been advocating for personal injury victims since 1997. Over the last two decades, they’ve become the industry leader representing injury victims in Louisville and throughout Kentucky. Our team is proud of our track record of winning millions of dollars for deserving clients. Personal injury law is complex, but the attorneys at Sampson Law Firm have the experience and determination to help you when you receive the wrong treatment or delayed treatment when you seek medical care. We know that it’s difficult to handle the aftermath of medical malpractice, which is why we offer comprehensive legal services that include all aspects of bringing a personal injury claim.

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Do I Need a Lawyer?

After you’ve experienced a wrong diagnosis or delayed treatment, it can be tempting just to accept it as part of your medical care. Indeed, some poor outcomes do not qualify as medical malpractice, and trying to understand the difference on your own can be difficult. Without a lawyer, you may not know how to seek fair compensation for your injuries and suffering. While it’s important to continue to focus on your medical treatment, it’s also critical to hold care providers accountable for preventable errors and seek the compensation you need for expenses and suffering related to errors.

An experienced attorney can help you understand whether your situation meets the legal standards for personal injury compensation. They can help you total the damages, gather the evidence, and take steps to demand payment. An attorney can often get you more compensation with less frustration and fewer delays than you could on your own. You’re unlikely to get fair compensation without experienced counsel representing you in your claim. The attorneys at Sampson Law Firm are here to manage the daunting process on your behalf with professional and compassionate legal services.

Why Choose Sampson Law Firm to Handle My Case?

Finding the right Louisville attorney to represent your claim is critical to getting fair treatment in the legal system. How do you know what firm is the best firm to represent you? The attorneys at Sampson Law Firm stand apart.

Founder Jeffrey T. Sampson is a regular on the Kentucky Trial Court Review’s list of Most Prolific Trial Attorneys in Kentucky. Since 1997, the attorneys from Sampson Law Firm have been building our legal team into a state leader in medical injury cases. Even though Jeffrey Sampson and his legal team have won professional recognition, we consider client satisfaction the best measure of our outstanding legal services. With many successful verdicts on behalf of clients, our attorneys know that each case is critical to the victim and their family. Jeffrey Sampson and his team focus our efforts exclusively on advocating for personal injury victims including wrong treatment and delayed treatment victims.

Types of Cases We Handle

There are many ways that wrong treatment or delayed treatment may occur. Cases of wrong treatment and delayed treatment may include:

  • Performing surgery on the wrong body part
  • Medication mix-ups
  • Filling the wrong medication because of illegible handwriting
  • An error that occurs because the staff is overworked and tired
  • Poor communication between members of the care team
  • Failing to appreciate the urgency of care
  • Delaying care because of a shortage of workers
  • Not reevaluating treatment as necessary
  • Ordering the wrong diagnostic tests and missing the accurate diagnosis
  • Providing advice that is not medically sound
  • Not warning you about the possible side effects associated with treatment
  • Mistaking someone else’s treatment plan for yours

One of the important ways that the attorneys from Sampson Law Firm help you is by investigating what went wrong in your case. You may begin your case without proof that you received the wrong treatment or delayed treatment. Medical care providers may be suspiciously quiet when you ask questions about your care or ask for records, but the attorneys at Sampson Law Firm know how to help you demand records and connect with medical professionals who can review your case and determine how it falls short of the reasonable standards of medical care.

How Does Wrong Treatment or Delayed Treatment Differ From Other Medical Malpractice Cases?

A wrong treatment or delayed treatment case is similar to other kinds of medical malpractice cases. However, wrong treatment and delayed treatment cases can be different from other medical malpractice cases in that it may be easier to prove negligence that falls below acceptable levels of medical care. For example, if medical care providers operate on the wrong body part or if they mix up your records with someone else’s, the medical malpractice in your case may be quite clear. Your attorney can help you understand the strengths and weakness of your case and what you need to do to win your claim.

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