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Louisville Failure to Provide Treatment Attorneys

Emergency rooms are chaotic places where people show up with a range of medical issues requiring prompt treatment. This fast pace can lead to errors in the emergency room, including the failure to provide treatment. If you or someone you love has been to an emergency room and didn’t receive the treatment you needed, we are here to help you recover the compensation you deserve for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

The lawyers at Sampson Law Firm have handled a variety of emergency room failure to provide treatment cases. Speaking with a Louisville attorney can be the first step in beginning your recovery. Your injuries were not your fault, and you deserve compensation and justice from the responsible parties. Contact us today at (502) 584-5050 or via our online contact form to schedule a free, confidential consultation with one of our attorneys.

Do I Need a Failure to Provide Treatment Attorney for My Case?

If you have a potential claim involving failure to provide treatment, you may not know where to turn for help. Obtaining compensation to deal with the recovery process will require filing a successful medical malpractice claim. To prove medical malpractice, you will have to demonstrate that the healthcare professional who failed to provide treatment was negligent. This will require deep knowledge of the law, an ability to interpret complex medical records, and an understanding of court procedure and insurance. When you’re recovering from an injury and stressed about your finances, this can be too much to handle on your own. A lawyer with experience in the medical malpractice field will be able to handle your claim for you while you focus on your recovery and your family. With a lawyer’s help, you are likely to recover far more money than you would on your own.

Why Choose Sampson Law Firm to Handle My Case?

For the past two decades, the accomplished attorneys of Sampson Law Firm have handled numerous failure to provide treatment cases for clients in Louisville and the surrounding areas. We aggressively fight for compensation for our clients and have established a reputation as a firm that doesn’t hesitate to take a case to trial when negotiations break down.

Attorney Jeffrey T. Sampson regularly lectures professional groups on the topic of medical malpractice. His credentials include membership in the Kentucky Bar Association, the Louisville Bar Association, the American Bar Association, the American Justice Association, and the Kentucky Justice Association. The Kentucky Court Review repeatedly names Attorney Sampson to the list of Kentucky’s Most Prolific Trial Lawyers.

Attorney Keith Poynter comes from a diverse professional background, having worked as a police officer and an account manager for the insurance industry before turning his attention to the law. His unique perspective is invaluable when dealing with insurance companies. Attorney Poynter is admitted to the Kentucky Bar and is a member of the Louisville Bar Association and the American Bar Association.

Types of Cases We Handle

Failure to provide treatment in an emergency room can come in a variety of forms, including:

  • Failure to treat a patient’s condition
  • Failure to perform tests
  • Failure to refer a patient to a specialist
  • Failure to recognize a heart attack or stroke symptoms in the emergency department

If you experienced illness or injury as a result of a physician or other medical professional’s failure to provide treatment in an emergency room, let us help.

Frequently Asked Questions

When a failure to provide treatment affects your health and your life, you likely have many questions. Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that we hear at our office are listed below, and we are available to discuss your case in detail when you call us at (502) 584-5050 and schedule a free consultation.

How do I prove a failure to provide treatment case?

The most important aspect of any medical malpractice claim is proving that your doctor violated the standard of care. When a doctor or health care professional treats you, they have a duty to treat you with the same standard of care that another competent doctor in the area would be expected to do for your symptoms or condition. If another competent doctor in the same situation would have treated you, but your doctor did not, this is a breach of the duty that is owed to you. It is important to note that an unsatisfactory outcome does not necessarily mean that the doctor was negligent. A lawyer can help gather the necessary evidence to prove that the standard of care was in fact violated in your case.

What is the statute of limitations?

In Kentucky, you have one year from the date the malpractice occurred to file a medical malpractice claim. This is called the statute of limitations. In Kentucky, medical malpractice lawsuits cannot be filed more than five years after the event of the health care professional’s negligent act or omission. For this reason, call a lawyer as soon as you believe you may have a claim.

What compensation is available for failure to provide treatment?

If you are successful in demonstrating that your injuries were the result of malpractice, you may be entitled to compensation for all your resulting losses. This may include compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, loss of earning potential, rehabilitative expenses, and pain and suffering. If your loved one passed away as a result of a failure to receive treatment in an emergency room, you may also file a wrongful death claim to recover compensation for their medical expenses, funeral costs, loss of support, and more.

Should I get treatment for my condition?

Yes. In Kentucky, everyone has a duty to mitigate damages. Mitigating damages means that you do not allow the situation to get worse once you are aware of a problem. Even if you suspect that a health care professional has failed to treat you, if you are aware that something is wrong with your health, you should be taking steps to address the condition. Even if you heal or recover, your injuries that were attributable to the failure to provide treatment may be compensable. In most medical malpractice cases, an expert is required to help to sort out what harm was caused by failure to provide treatment.

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If you or someone you love was harmed as a result of a failure to provide treatment in an emergency room, we can help get you the compensation you need to heal. Contact Sampson Law Firm today at (502) 584-5050 or fill out an online contact form to schedule a free, confidential consultation with a Louisville emergency room errors attorney.