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Supreme Court favors woman who sues Louisville hospital

Nearly a quarter of a decade ago, Wanda Johnson was the victim of a truck accident and faced traumatic injuries to her spine, pelvis, and brain. She was initially hospitalized in Louisville, Kentucky and after a month was moved to another hospital to continue her treatment.

Her condition upon arrival began to deteriorate and she filed a lawsuit against the original hospital for damages in accordance with the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act when the first hospital apparently didn’t use the proper screening procedures before transferring her to another facility.

When she lost the summary judgment and then was rejected by the Court of Appeals, she made an appeal to the Supreme Court of the United Sates. The ruling was that the EMTALA provision does not require a showing of improper motive on the part of the medical facility for the plaintiff to be able to sue it; it does not demand an “appropriate stabilization, nor can it be reasonably read to require an improper motive.”

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