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Bellwether trial against GM dismissed

The first case to be brought against automaker General Motors over the faulty ignition switch that caused serious injuries and numerous deaths has been dismissed. Oklahoma mailman Robert Scheuer began presenting his case before a Manhattan federal court on Tuesday, January 12, and the trial was dismissed just ten days later.

Scheuer claimed that the defect in his GM produced 2003 Saturn Ion caused injuries sustained during a wreck on May 28, 2014. According to his complaint, the back and neck injuries Scheuer suffered would not have happened had GM announced the recall when they first discovered the defective ignition switches nearly ten years prior.

After hearing his testimony, GM submitted a claim that Scheuer had exaggerated his injuries and failed to disclose a history of neck and back problems that extended far before the wreck occurred. Additionally, GM claimed that Scheuer and his wife misrepresented their financial standing in statements they gave during the trial.

On Friday, Scheuer agreed to voluntarily dismiss his lawsuit with prejudice. Though this trial is not expected to impact the other claims against GM, of which there are over 1,000, it is an obvious setback for litigators bringing claims against the auto manufacturer.

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