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Pursuing Compensation for Dangerous Childcare Products and Toys

The fact that a dangerous childcare product or toy made its way into the market is inexcusable. Now that your family is dealing with the consequences of such negligence, you should begin to consider what legal action may now be available to you and your family. Depending upon the circumstances, you may be able to recover compensation from the company responsible for producing, marketing, or selling the dangerous product.

Dangerous Childcare Product and Toy Claims

Our legal team in Louisville understands just how much this claim will represent to you and your family, and we can develop a comprehensive legal strategy to help you hold the responsible company accountable for their actions. That being said, our legal team is prepared to pursue the following claims:

  • Lead Paint Poisoning
  • Age-Inappropriate Toys
  • Choking Hazard

Whatever the exact circumstances of the incident, our legal team in Louisville can evaluate your claim and help you take legal action against any company found to be responsible for the injuries your child sustained.

Consult with a Dangerous Childcare Product or Toy Attorney in Louisville

If your child has been hurt by a dangerous product intended for children, you should speak with a Louisville dangerous childcare product or toy attorney at the Sampson Law Firm about what legal action you and your family may now be eligible to pursue. To discuss the particulars of the incident with one of our attorneys, please call our offices in Louisville at (502) 584-5050 today.