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Human Error Fire Hazards

The modern world has moved away from traditional uses of fire and depends almost entirely on electrical heat. Despite this development, fires are commonplace in today’s society and seemingly small mistakes can cause severe injury to others. Dealing with burn injuries is usually a painful process for the victim, both physically and financially. The main cause of fires is simply human negligence, since there are plenty of ways that people can ignore dangerous situations. At the Sampson Law Firm, our Louisville burn injury lawyers can help you through the legal process if someone made one of the many easy mistakes that can end in flames.

Common Mistakes that Cause Fires

Fire burns can create severe skin cell damage, and even first-degree burns can be disabling for a victim of a fire injury. A burn can lead to infections and blood loss, especially if they are third-degree burns. Fires also often destroy infrastructure, and the consequences can get complicated because of it. Some ways that people put themselves and others at risk include:

  • Faulty Electrical Outlets/Old Appliances
  •  Misuse of Electrical Cords
  •  Built-up Combustible Waste
  •  Dust Build-up
  •  Smoking

Nearly all fires can be prevented with the right precautions and education. It is evident that electrical fires are extremely common. Unfortunately, many abuse electronics to the point that it endangers others. Many businesses also struggle with waste disposal, which puts the whole workplace at risk. It is easy to create fire hazards, and you may have to unfairly deal with the consequences of someone else’s ignorance if a fire begins unexpectedly.

Contact Our Burn Injury Attorneys in Louisville

At the Sampson Law Firm, our burn injury lawyers understand the difficult consequences of being a burn victim. We know that many individuals fail to take the steps necessary to keep an environment free of fire hazards and can work with you to get the justice you deserve. If you suffered or are suffering from burns due to someone else’s mistake, please get the legal help you require. To discuss your injury with us, please call our offices at (502) 584-5050.