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Dangerous Car Defects & Malfunctions

While any car accident may have a number of devastating consequences, when they result from a defect or malfunction they can be particularly dangerous. Since there may little to nothing a driver can do to anticipate a part defect or system malfunction, these accidents can be unpredictable and therefore difficult to control. Part defects or system malfunctions typically result from the negligence of a manufacturer or designer, and these manufactures may be held financially liable for any damages associated with your accident.

Common Car Defects & Malfunctions

Sadly, even when drivers take every preventative measure they can—by operating their vehicle safely, by regularly maintaining their vehicle, by being aware of drivers around them—a number of dangerous accident and severe injuries may still result from a car defect or malfunction, especially when traveling at higher rates of speed. Among the most commonly reported car defects and malfunctions are:

  • Seat belt defects
  • Brake malfunction
  • Tire defects
  • Air bag defects
  • Child car seat defects

The Louisville legal team at the Sampson Law Firm may help you recover damages associated with your car accident and hold negligent manufactures liable for their failure to uphold any regulated standard of safety.

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The Louisville car defect/malfunction lawyers at the Sampson Law Firm understand how devastating a car accident can be, especially it results from a defect or malfunction. Our Louisville legal team will aggressively pursue financial restitution from any negligent manufacturer to help address the costs of damages associated with your accident. To discuss the particulars of your accident with one of our lawyers, please call our Louisville offices today at Sampson Law Firm.