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Animal Attacks and Negligent Owners

Although many people tend to think of pet animals as friendly and cute, animal attacks are frequent and dangerous occurrences. Countless individuals in the United States suffer severe attacks from domestic animals, such as dogs, every year. Victims often have to deal with devastating consequences, including physical pain and extensive medical bills.

Unfortunately, these attacks may be caused by negligent owners who fail to properly restrain or handle their pets as they should. When owners behave irresponsibly, it is often the victims who are left to deal with the negative outcomes.

Examples of Negligence by Animal Owners

There are a number of actions that can be classified as negligent handling of an animal, and all of these behaviors can lead to an individual sustaining injury as a result. Some examples of negligent actions by animal owners include:

  • Failure to properly confine the animal to the owner’s yard or property, allowing the animal to get loose
  • Failure to post visible warning signs concerning the animal
  • Failure to restrain or contain the animal within the owner’s home when guests enter the premises
  • Failure to adhere to leash laws which require animals to be restrained in public areas

Negligent actions such as these may put innocent people in danger of animal attacks or bites that can leave the victims suffering physical and emotional trauma. When this is the case, the owner may be held legally and financially responsible for the pain his or her animal caused.

Contact a Louisville Dog Bite or Animal Attack Attorney

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