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Accidents Resulting from Air Traffic Controller Error

While accidents involving airplanes have become exceedingly rare in the United States, they do still occur. In many instances, these accidents are directly related to some form of negligence on part of an airliner or individual, including air traffic controllers. Due to the circumstances under which most airline accidents occur, the injuries sustained in these accidents are often life-threatening.

Air Traffic Controller Errors

Responsible for overseeing nearly every aspect of the flight plans within their airspace, air traffic controllers play a critical role in the safety on and above an airport. With that in mind, any lapse in judgment may have a whole range of devastating consequences for everyone aboard the affected aircraft. Some of the most commonly cited errors air traffic controllers make include:

  • Routing two flight plans too closely each other
  • Over capacitating the runway
  • Misreading the radar

In many instances, air traffic controllers who commit errors are found to be exceedingly tired or under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the incident.

Consult with an Air Traffic Controller Error Claim Attorney in Louisville

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