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3 Steps to Take If You Suspect You are Seriously Burned

Fires and hot surfaces are all around us—at our workplaces, in our homes, and in public. More than 200,000 people all over the world die yearly from burns, and children are especially at risk of such painful injuries. In fact, burns are the eleventh leading cause of death for children ages one to nine. With burn risk so prevalent in our society, it is imperative to know exactly what steps to take if you suspect you suffered a serious burn.

After a traumatic burn-related incident, many people immediately go to the emergency room. While hospitals do have the resources to treat you, the emergency room may not be the fastest or most cost-effective option. If you are injured on the job, quick reflexes and knowledge of appropriate burn procedure can make the difference between an easy recovery and a difficult one. If you suspect a serious burn, follow these steps:

  1. Determine the degree of your burn: Determining the degree of your burn is critical. First-degree burns are often the result of momentary contact with a hot object and typically do not require medical attention. Second-degree burns, characterized by blisters and blotchy skin, also do not normally need medical attention. It is still necessary to clean the affected area carefully. Third-degree burns cause your skin to take on a black or white leathery appearance, and they require immediate medical attention.
  2. Seek treatment: Treat your first or second-degree burn by running cool, not cold, water over the affected area. Water may slow the healing process or even further damage the skin if it is too cold, so cool water is the best medicine for a minor burn.
  3. Prepare for the healing process: To allow healthy blood flow to the burned area, remove any accessories. Watches and other forms of jewelry constrict blood flow, slowing the healing process.

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